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Reasons why T20 is the future of cricket?

Over the last 10 years, T20 cricket has made strong in roots across the globe. Particularly for associate nations, T20 seems to be the ideal format to establish themselves in a global arena. The emergence of various franchise-based t20 leagues has also played a crucial role in this overwhelming popularity. Fans are also getting used to this shortest format rather than spending too much time for a test or ODI cricket. Players even making early retirement to international cricket and start focusing their career in t20-based leagues across the globe. Overall T20 has improved the standard of living among the cricketers and it is the major reason for increasing popularity for the game of cricket. Here is the list of reasons why t20 is the future of a wonderful game called cricket:

Short duration:

In this fast-paced world, most of us don’t enjoy the luxury of spending a whole day to watch a sport. An ideal T20 game will last apparently for 3.5 hours typically like a Hollywood movie. For people who don’t like to sit and watch an ODI Game and 5-Day long test cricket T20 seems to be the viable option. Also for the first-timers, T20 seems to be the ideal option to start following the game.

Fast-paced game:

Like a Hollywood movie, T20 is a fast progressing format as each innings will last only 20 overs where you can witness lots of twists and turns. There is no dull period in this format as batsmen look to hit every ball for six or four and bowler will look to contain the batsmen get him out. It brings lots of excitement to the game. The modern-day game also demands more athleticism as every run seems to be important fielders have to make dives to save the ball from reaching the boundary. So it brings more fun and excitement to youth and new audience, unlike tests and one-dayers where there will be more dull hours.

Sixers and boundaries:

As mentioned earlier the audience wants more athleticism and more explosive hitting of sixers and boundaries. T20 feeds all of these as most of the games are being played in batting-friendly wickets. Sixers and boundaries provide an adrenaline rush to the audience who are watching in the ground as well as on TV.

T20 is the right mix of entertainment and glamour:

For instance, you can take IPL there you can see the energetic Bollywood tunes are played in-between the brakes and cheerleaders dancing for every sixers and boundary hit. It gives the right mix of glamour and entertainment for the audience. Glamourous presenters on TV are also making the presentation ceremonies and post-match analyses more interesting. This is the major reason where most of the games are fully-packed and brings more TRP ratings. Especially franchise cricket helps the young domestic talents to come into limelight and they can able to make their livelihood through these games.

Local talent:

Normally players from South-Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh come from a humble background. Franchise-based t20 leagues provide the right opportunity for them to get exposed to international cricket and learn more about the game. Moreover, it allows the young players to get world-class training facilities and they can able to share the dressing room with accomplished players. It helps them to learn their skills and develop more patience for cricket. More the new talents are emerging the game will be in safe hands of youth.

Final thoughts:

T20 cricket has changed the dimension of game cricket and it is expected to make deep in roots and is expected to take the wonderful game to next level. 

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